Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2009


I like to Thank you all for your never ending support
trough the past Year,
I could learn so much of you all and
for this I am very Thankful!

with all the best with what ever may come!

Montag, 28. Dezember 2009

Huge knockout SALE in my shop!

I am having a huge knockout SALE in my Etsy shop!

Up to 50 percent off in my SALE section!

So if you previously saw something you liked but it was too expensive, come and have another look!

I am sure you will find a fantastic piece :)

Sonntag, 27. Dezember 2009

Up the Swiss Mountains!

I am still up here in the Swiss mountains and as my blog is new, I am just trying to find my way around.
So meanwhile, I would like to show you a pic from up here :)

Samstag, 26. Dezember 2009

Welcome! my new blog! Please bear with me while I find my way around and get the hang of things - this is new territory for me! I plan to share my news and creative projects with you and I hope you will follow along and encourage me with your comments.

Michelle x