Montag, 30. August 2010

Monday Mood Board!

Sweet soft and beautiful!

Baby shoes $42 by LaLaShoes
Market Tote Bag $92 by FoundryDesign
Felted wall hanging $569 by Vilte
unicolor orange $103 by Donauluft

Are you ready for autumn?
Wishing you all a fantastic Week!

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Dienstag, 24. August 2010

AAA love it!

I just listed this Beauties NEW in my Shop!

AAA Rock Crystal Briolettes

Can you see that cute pointy bottom?

24k gold Vermeil

I know they look very chic,
but you can easy wear them with a pair of old Jeans!

To be found in my Shop!
What do you think,
do you like them?

Montag, 23. August 2010

Made a Ring!

I just made my first Ring and I can`t express my high fly feelings for it!

14k gold filled with a smooth stunning Labradorite!

I know my technique could be better, but I am so motivated to learn more!

I Love Labradorite and as this is my first Ring, I guess I will keep it forever :)

I feel so much full of joy, motivation and happiness!
Do you know that feeling if you discover something NEW?
And you get exited all over?

Montag, 16. August 2010

Preparing for a Design Market!

Actually I wanted to work on my Jewelry Today, but then I realized, that as long as I have no Idea how I will showcase my Jewelry at the Design Market coming up in September, I had to do that first!

So I started running trough the House getting all my Pieces together.
All my Jewelry stands where nicely packed from my last Fair and I had to unpack them all...

As I am sharing my Stand with a wonderful Etsy Friend to lower the costs, I had to reorganize the hole showcase New, as I have not so much Space as usually.

I know it looks a bit poor with out the Jewelry hanging all over, but I am looking forward to do so and I have the feeling with will look good :) Only the Tiger Lili Stand I am not shore, maybe I leave it at Home, hmm what do you think?

I am very glade I found a way how to manage with the small space and that now I do have a Idea on how I want to showcase everything. Really have to say that calms me :)

So now I can start concentrate my self on filling all those Beautiful Stands :)
The ones of you that also do Markets and Fairs, are you also so nervous and in a rush before everything is prepared?
And the ones of you that do no Fairs, do you like to go to Markets and Fairs to discover New unique Pieces? 

Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

Behind Handmade!

I think People sometimes have no Idea how much Work stands behind Handmade.
I can`t offer you a making off,
but I like to share my steps till a Piece is finish.

Rock Crystal point braided Leather Sterling Silver Necklace!
1. Besides having all the tools to do a new Piece it all starts with organizing all the Materials, some online, some of special Shops, some on Gemstone Fairs!

2. Creating a new Jewelry Piece in my mind or draw it, then make it :)

3. Calculate the Price and then wait for the right light to take Photos. Sometimes I take soooo many till I feel I finally got the good ones...

4. listing them Online, or bringing them down Town where there is a Shop selling my Jewelry, or organizing Fairs and Markets or private Events.

5. When it sells, packing all nicely :)

6. Then bringing it to the Post Office and do all the end Calculation!
So there are really many steps in to Handmade that we can`t see when we look at a Design.
I did keep myself short here, there are even more smaller steps included.
What do you think about Handmade?

Dienstag, 10. August 2010

Back to Tribal!

I love tribal, in all its variation forms!
Here is a NEW one

Stunning large genuine smooth Aquamarine Gemstone

combined with natural dark brown braided Leather

All Pieces in bali oxidized Sterling Silver

Aquamarine is one of the hard ones to get the color when you take a pic.
I really try hard to get a good Photo.
Do you think I managed?

Montag, 9. August 2010

Where is the Time going?

I am preparing for a Design Market in september. More to that later. So where is the Time going? A hour passes so fast,  I could not find any Time to blog.
So I just do a shop update!

Elongated Turquoise Drop, 14k gold filled Earrings

dark oxidized Sterling Silver Earrings

Faceted Carnelian dangle, oxidized Sterling Silver Earrings

Stunning rainbow Moonstone oxidized Sterling Silver Earrings

Rare faceted Lepidocrosite oxidized Sterling Silver Pendant

and many more New ones to find in my Shop!
What you think?
If been also working on my Photos,
more to that next Time :)