Montag, 31. Mai 2010

Monday Mood Board!

With out Words!

Verdigris Bracelet $40 by Piacere
Turban $75 by malam
Gold Sandals $62 by creationsbyeve
Wristlet $75 by EightSeasons

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Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

1 Year Etsyversary Giveaway!

I am celebrating my 1 Year Etsyversary with
my first beautiful Giveaway!

Faceted green Amethyst Sterling Silver Pendant!

That was a fantastic Year for me,
with ups and downs,
meeting new Friends and the most importend,
I could learn soooo much!!!

With this wonderful Giveaway,
I like to thank you for all your support and
for letting me grow!

Please leave a comment letting me know which of my Items you like Best and what are you missing, what would you like to find more.
Do not forget to leave your email so I can get in touch with you:)
Giveaway ends  2. June!!!

Freitag, 21. Mai 2010

Just made them New and....

I am so in love!

Gold Rutilated Quartz!

24k gold vermeil!

The rutil is impressive!

This Earrings are one Piece and
don`t dangle like others!

Are they fantastic?
To be found in my Shop!

Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

Blue and wonderful!

I just love those elongated Drops!

Elongated faceted blue Chalcedony drops!

14k gold filled!

Fit perfect to Jeans!

But you can also wear them at your cool Night out!

Simple adorable!

To be found in my Shop!

Montag, 17. Mai 2010

Monday Mood Board!


Zoe scarflette $45 by ixela
Newborn Hat $15 by PropsToYou
Sol Levante Earrings $10 by marinatea84
Mixed Media Collage $30 by Edgelnspired
Amethyst Pendant $42 by maroulina
nuno felted silk tunic dress $125 by realfaery

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Sonntag, 16. Mai 2010

Schubdüse die Erste / Fair Event!

My Fair went fantastic, it was so much FUN and I met wonderful new People! So I like to share some impressions! 

Everything started at the evening,

The first Customers started to come and we still had some Daylight

my Girlfriend Judith helped me out,
Thank you so much!!!

Sales started to rise and my Beautiful Peacock Earrings,
went to this pretty Girl!

who was there?

Eva, by zafran is such a wonderful Women, she also has a Etsy Shop and here Materials for here special Work are so unique, you can never show it just by a Photo!

Dasha`s absolutely fantastic Handbags by Darja Design

Deleni is such a sweet Lady and a amazing Designer by deleni artiste de mode

LeTom Hats cool!!!

We did get a live show on how Benjamin is creating his stunning Lamps by kartonleuchten

Then the Night started!

Our Beautiful Elfe!!!

We did have fantastic Life Music the hole Night long!

I was so amazed....

by this Artist, showing here Work in action!!!

And then the ART!

It was a really cool Night!

Thanks so much to schubkultur for organizing!
And if you like to find out more about everyone who parted,
you find them all here!

Samstag, 15. Mai 2010

Today is my Fair Day!

Just to give you a pic of what is all to do to prepare a Fair!

Sell your Brand!

Yesterday I did my last tags!

Make fair Prices! 

Don`t forget to take something to wright!

Don`t forget the Mirror, People love to look at them self and
the Jewelry stands, I have so many beautiful ones:)

Last but not least, the Item you sell!

That was showing just a really small part of all that is needed to prepare a Fair!
People sometimes forget about all that work,
but it is sooooo much Fun and
I am really exited for this evening,
wish me luck!!!