Sonntag, 13. Juni 2010

Photo session!

I love to play around with my Camera and find out new Way`s on how I can bring my Jewelry in the right light and composition.

So here is my newest Photo session!
My inspiration was a true Romance!

So I did try to bring out the sweetness in Life!

True Romance was also my inspiration for creating all those charming Earrings!

The pink with the bright Silver, brings a tender feeling for me!

Flowers belong to a romance, No?

Romance can be iridescent like the unique blue flash of a Labradorite!

So could I bring out a true Romance?
Tell me what you feel!


Nicole hat gesagt…

I think it's *very* cool how you use light. I'm a lover of light - can never get enough of it. I also like how the photographs look a little 'fuzzy', but in a romantic way, like you said.

Kreativlink hat gesagt…

Beautiful photos! And work of course :)

Rita alias alatvian hat gesagt…

Wirklich romantisch!

cri-cri hat gesagt…

labradorite is such a wonderful stone ... I like tot work with them...

Dawn of LaTouchables hat gesagt…

yes you can! beautiful work, Michelle!

Yael hat gesagt…

Wonderful photographs, beautiful jewelery!!

SewnNatural hat gesagt…

these photos are lovely - really bring out the beauty, contrasts & textures in your pieces!

Marinatea hat gesagt…

these creationas are beautiful!
I love ruby earrings!!