Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

Behind Handmade!

I think People sometimes have no Idea how much Work stands behind Handmade.
I can`t offer you a making off,
but I like to share my steps till a Piece is finish.

Rock Crystal point braided Leather Sterling Silver Necklace!
1. Besides having all the tools to do a new Piece it all starts with organizing all the Materials, some online, some of special Shops, some on Gemstone Fairs!

2. Creating a new Jewelry Piece in my mind or draw it, then make it :)

3. Calculate the Price and then wait for the right light to take Photos. Sometimes I take soooo many till I feel I finally got the good ones...

4. listing them Online, or bringing them down Town where there is a Shop selling my Jewelry, or organizing Fairs and Markets or private Events.

5. When it sells, packing all nicely :)

6. Then bringing it to the Post Office and do all the end Calculation!
So there are really many steps in to Handmade that we can`t see when we look at a Design.
I did keep myself short here, there are even more smaller steps included.
What do you think about Handmade?


Yael hat gesagt…

What do I think about handmade?
I think it can be absolutely gorgeous! I also know that there is much more work involved than an outsider will see or imagine! And I think that often the price can not be put according to work, material, effort and creativeness, the true price would be considered to expensive by potential buyers and therefore hard to sell! So I think we should be thankful for all those wonderful handmade items with for us affordable, but for the creator not always fair, prices!
I love this new bracelet Michelle - the materials work so wonderfully together!!!

Krystal hat gesagt…

very fun to know the process :)

Angel.Pearls hat gesagt…

I love handmade -especially your creations! Making things is for me a great fun hobby, but also a great work..Thanks for sharing! Love//Eva

donauluft hat gesagt…

Yes, there are many steps behind, nobody can see.
For all that it is very satisfying to hold something new created in hands...
The rock cristal with inclusions is gorgeous , Michele!

Diana Mieczan hat gesagt…

I am all about handmade because of all the work you all put into creating those amazing pieces...The other day I was talking with a friend about your beautifully they are done and that you can see how much work you must put into each step...:) Thanks so much for your amazing comments...I love love love reading them:)

Have a wonderful Thursday and see you soon:)


Nauli hat gesagt…

You're so right. There are a lot of steps beside creating. Taking photos is a challenge. I remember some month ago, we almost give up because of photos. Sometimes photographing needs just too long!
We always try to keep balance between marketing, presenting and creating. If we can't find this balance we can't afford this for long.