Samstag, 6. November 2010

Lonely blog...

My blog was so lonely,
as I had no Time for it...
I am already preparing my next Design show

So I like to share some new designs

Urban Hoops, oxidized Sterling silver, Pyrite gemstone

Love that pointy bottom of this AAA Rock Crystal briolettes

wow, what a stunning Spectrolite

I am still in love with Labradorite

unique flash of Spectrolite

Citrine in a diamond cut

Rock Crystal diamond cut with Leather

blue flash at his Best

Simple adorable Apatite 

Hope you enjoy all this,
I am so in love with Gemstones :)
What is your big love at the moment?


Yael hat gesagt…

Hi Michelle - I missed you, nice to see you again!
Very beautiful new items!
I wish you success and fun at the show! Hugs, Yael.

Rita alias alatvian hat gesagt…

Wunderschöne Steine!
Die letzten Posts in meinem Blog sind über Filz! :)

b*lota hat gesagt…

welcome back, michelle! beautiful gems!!

gretchenmist hat gesagt…

wow, so beautiful :)