Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010

Jewelry class!

Last saturday I was taking a jewelry class and I like to share what I did there :)

This is the first Sterling Silver Ring I made, have to say I am really proud of it :)

I love big Rings, looks great, no? I will keep this one :)

here is a other one, oxidized, I wanted to try how it is to work on the surface

and on this one I worked with a stone

not bad for my third Ring :)

here I started to play with different shapes,

matching to xmas, I made Star Earrings

It really done me good to learn something new and I have the feeling it is important to keep on experiment with our creativity!
What do you think of my new technique?


paula hat gesagt…

i am with you, i like that chunky ring! and i love that you are branching out and learning new things! so happy to see this post :) your christmas earrings are fun, light and happy!

Diana Mieczan hat gesagt…

I really love your new technique and the rings are stunning...Well done, sweetie
Happy Tuesday

Yael hat gesagt…

What do I think? You did SO good Michelle, that's what I think! I love silver and those pieces are wonderful, all of them!

Monica hat gesagt…

Wow, Michele! Stunning rings! You've done an awesome job with your new work and I hope to see it in your shop soon :)

donauluft hat gesagt…

For sure it is important to experiment!
You are soldering! ..or is it cast?
great output, congrats!

zsazsazsu hat gesagt…

Is it art clay silver ?
Love the first one the most !

lilydoveandchouchou hat gesagt…

Michelle,this is great! You've done really well if this is your first go at jewelry!

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog :) Really appreciated!

cri-cri hat gesagt…

great , great , great ;-)

Krystal hat gesagt…

I looove the first ring, it is so pretty!!

gretchenmist hat gesagt…

ooh, i love your big silver ring + the stars.
very exciting to learn new techniques :)