Samstag, 20. März 2010

Artisans Gallery Team Wedding Challenge!

I am a proud Member of the Artisans Gallery Team and we have a Challenge with the Theme Wedding starting March 22!
So I like to share some fantastic Entries!

Happily ever after by SignsByDiane
Romantic Ivory Cuff by twoknit
Wonderful Pearls Ring by MarKhed

Cute Girls Dress by SewnNatural
Romantic pale rose Pearls Earrings by steinschmuckdesign
Beautiful Wedding Cuff by MissBird

Gorgeous Lacy Pendant with a Pearl by veroque
Feminine  Bridal Hair Adornment by staroftheeast
Adorable Angel Wings by vadjutka

If you like to see more visit our Team blog!
Or you go to etsy and give in the search
agteam wedding



BlueTerracotta hat gesagt…

A very romantic collection, and great team challenge!

Victoria Webb hat gesagt…

Beautiful choices! Any bride to be (or groom) should
love these.

Decorate the Diva hat gesagt…

Lovely choices!!!

TheJoyofColor hat gesagt…

What a fantastic selection from a wonderful team of artists.

Star of the East hat gesagt…

Wonderful bridal finds!! Thanks so much for including our hair adornment!

veroque hat gesagt…

It's looks fantastic! Thank you so much for including my pendant:)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Amazing Wedding Collection!
Its honor to be here! Thank you so much, Michelle!!!


vadjutka hat gesagt…

Thanks so much Michele - great selection!!

WolfeWoman hat gesagt…

What a gorgeous team we are :)

Beautiful selections by everyone- I enjoyed this!

Sarah John Afana hat gesagt…

Very sweet finds for the Challenge, well done.