Sonntag, 21. März 2010

YAY Etsy Euro Week!

Etsy Euro Week from 22. March - 28. March

Shop Euro!
I will offer Free shipping Worldwide the hole Week!!!

Enameled letters by StarofSupplies
Grasshopper by JKphotography
Cotton Scarf by ThongbaiTatong
4 in 1 Hat by unopiudueugualeotto

CD Case by nauli
Necklace by ioulia
Cat`s by sofiasobeide
Earrings by lazygiraffe

Photography by YannPendaries
Dog Collar by davir
Dress by MQuin

Necklace by anakim
Top by Silvia66
Coaster by sabahnur

If you like to find out about all special offers trough the Euro Week,
visite our Team blog!


evihan hat gesagt…


Nauli hat gesagt…

Etsy artists in Europe offer amazing work! Hope that buyers can be aware of this soon.
Michelle, Thanks a lot for featuring our CD Case!

ingermaaike hat gesagt…

True Euro treasures!

anakim hat gesagt…
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anakim hat gesagt…

I'm glad to be features amongst so talented European artists!
Thanks so much Michele - it's beautiful!

MQuin hat gesagt…

happy euro week to all of us!!! lovely mood board Michelle! thanks for including my dress :)

sabahnur hat gesagt…

oh stunning list of Europe! thanks so much! xx

ioulia hat gesagt…

Thank you so much for the feature, Michelle! Happy Euro Week to you! :)

Renathe Schneider hat gesagt…

Oh, that is so nice Michelle! Thanks for including my ring :) I wish you all a great Etsy Euro week!!

Thongbai Tatong hat gesagt…

Hi Michele,

It is so lovely of you to have featured my scarf among these beautiful European items. So cool that you offer free shipping.. very generous of you. I still have to blog about the Euro week and think about some activities in my shop. Maybe free shipping is also a good idea. Best wishes, Michele. Hope you make lots of sales!!
Thanks so much again for the feature.
-Bai xxx

Sofia hat gesagt…

Lovely! Thank you for featuring my cats :)

Hopefully Euro week will bring you a lot of sales!

davir hat gesagt…

Happy Euro Week!

Thank you so much! I am very happy that you featured my collar! I am so proud of being here, among you! :)