Samstag, 10. April 2010

A Dream!

A Dream of a Necklace!

A huge faceted rock Crystal!

combined with 100% hand dyed Silk in variations of blue with white!

special about it is...
you can choose how is your favorite to wear it!

short just around your Neck,
or middle long,
or really long!

you can also wear it just like a Scarf!

and believe me, you can wear it to so many different Styles of out fit!

Soon be listed in my Shop!


Arctida hat gesagt…

WOW! It is truly a gigantic Quartz briolette! and soooo pretty too! and very original with a silk thread!

Star of the East hat gesagt…

Impressive necklace!

evihan hat gesagt… big it is...I have not seen beforee:-))))

Rita alias alatvian hat gesagt…

Wunderbarer Stein!

Dawn of LaTouchables hat gesagt…

Gorgeous--I think this is truly beautiful!

Sigmosaics hat gesagt…

oooh michele .. this is stunning! the combination of silk and crystal is just amazing .. :D

gretchenmist hat gesagt…

wow! so shiny and clear ~ beautiful :)