Freitag, 30. April 2010

Makes them Authentic!

They shore not are perfect, but I love them!

Rock Crystal pointers, oxidized Sterling Silver!

As I always try to make my Jewelry Pieces in a Style to be combined with several different outfit Styles and as I am spending really much Time, trying to increase my Photos, I like to show off some Photos, just to try show how different the Style could be.

Would Mona Lisa wear them?......:)

Wear them pretty!

Antic Style!


They can be strong as Muham...Ali!

You find them in my Shop!


Vilt à la Kim hat gesagt…

I loved to see what impact the background had on the earrings! wonderfull!! Thnaks for sharing.

n.regan hat gesagt…

They're fabulous! Great photos :)

jealousydesign hat gesagt…

Beautiful photos! Think I like the elegant photo best.

paula hat gesagt…

michele, perfect? Dionysian vs Apollonian i would choose dionysian ANY DAY. they are beautiful and you took some very cool photographs of them. good job!

gretchenmist hat gesagt…

lovely work + photos :)

Nauli hat gesagt…

I love one of the photos most. You can find it here now :)