Donnerstag, 15. Juli 2010

NEW Pair of my NEW Hair adornment!

NEW Pair!

With Beautiful dark red faceted Garnets!

In a romantic antique Brass Flower Style!

I feel them so pretty :)

To be found in my Shop!


b*lota hat gesagt…

these are so pretty!

Morrgan hat gesagt…

Wow, those look great! :)

Yael hat gesagt…

Michelle, I can see you are celebrating!! They ARE pretty! :-)

Waterrose hat gesagt…

OH those are beautiful. Love that shade of red!

zsazsazsu hat gesagt…

They look soooo chique !

Michelle hat gesagt…

Thank you all so much,
that makes me so happy to get some good Feedbacks to my new Idea of creations!