Donnerstag, 15. Juli 2010

Raw aqua blue Tourmaline!

I just have to show you this rare ones!

Rare raw aqua blue Tourmaline,
stunning Gemstone!

I made a 14k gold filled wire wrapped chandelier Earrings

This are one of a kind OOAK!

Really I just love this Stone sooooo much :D

To be found in my Shop!


Martice hat gesagt…

how tender :)

LeelaBijou hat gesagt…


ingermaaike hat gesagt…

Stunning they are!

MQuin hat gesagt…

these are really elegant! I love the stones too!! the color is really beautiful :)

zsazsazsu hat gesagt…

These stone are amazing ! Great mix with the gold in color and texture !

Erika Price hat gesagt…


Waterrose hat gesagt…

these pieces are divine! the gold with the pale blue/green is perfection.

Diana Mieczan hat gesagt…

Tourmaline are beautiful and that aqua blue gentle and pretty:)

Perfect little beauties:)