Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

---NEW--- Necklace collection!

I made a hole serie of new Necklace collection!
Hope to show you more,
here is the first!

You will not find this artisan handmade necklace anywhere!

stunning Lepidocrosite point with his unique dark red glitter inclusions!

Textured light oxidized sterling silver and the beautiful Garnet Gemstone!


on a dark red leather cord,
to be found in my shop!
do you like this new style?


zsazsazsu hat gesagt…

absolutely ! It's great !

cri-cri hat gesagt…

very unique !!

Dawn of LaTouchables hat gesagt…


paula hat gesagt…

cool!!! its INDUSTRIAL!!!!

donauluft hat gesagt…

great new design, Michele! congrats!

Annette F Tait hat gesagt…

this is a very gorgeous style Michele! really attractive!!

Diana Mieczan hat gesagt…

Its such a stunning design my dear:) Have a relaxing evening