Montag, 16. Mai 2011

Time is precious!

Somehow I am always in a hurry,
the Days not having enough hours and
the to do list,
never seems to be ending....

Sterling Silver Earrings

Rubys oxidized Sterling Silver Earrings

smokey lemon Quartz oxidized sterling silver Earrings

all to be found in my Shop!

Are you one of those always short on time?
Or are you well organized with your time?


Dawn of LaTouchables hat gesagt…

They are all so stunning, Michele! I know what you mean about time running out...for me too!

querbead hat gesagt…

Wie immer total tolle Ohrringe.Gefallen mir sehr gut.

lg Pascal

Studio Sylvia hat gesagt…

The Sterling Silver earrings have an unusual texture. very nice.
Isn’t it always the way? - too much to do and not enough hours in the day!

zsazsazsu hat gesagt…

I missed you in blogland ! Happy to read something and see some of your new beautiful designs !