Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011

Creative flow!

Last Sunday I was in that special creative flow and spend my Day by making Earrings.
Do you know the flow? It can happen with a Day where just everything go so well, or when you ask the Universe for something and minute, hours, Days later, it just comes to you like this. Simple with no effort, do you know the flow?

Faceted Pyrite oxidized Sterling Silver Earrings

oxidized Flower Sterling Silver Earrings

AAAA rainbow Moonstone oxidized Sterling Silver Earrings

This are a few beautiful Pairs made in my creative flow :)
When did you have your last flow?


Lucie hat gesagt…

Michelle these earrings are simply stunning :D Congrats for the flow! I know it too and when it comes to you it's perfectly exhilarating!

paula hat gesagt…

i agree! these look different too, you were really in the zone :)

Dawn of LaTouchables hat gesagt…

...the oxidized blossums are beautiful with the glowing stones, Michele!

karuski hat gesagt…

You've been productive and they look all lovely!

Morrgan hat gesagt…

Wow, I especially love the second pair, gorgeous contrasts. :D

LillyLavande hat gesagt…

Liebi Michele, die Ohrringli mit em Bliemli - So schööööön!!!