Samstag, 18. Juni 2011

What about Pricing?

I found a other fantastic article from Lee / OneClayBead,
about pricing,

As the Gold and Silver Price went up soooo much, I really wonder what will happen. Up to now I could not see many Jewelry shops rising there prices, but I can`t see that it can stay like that.

Faceted Labradorite oxidized sterling silver Earrings

with his hidden secret, a blue flash in the sun light!

And what will customers do, will they still buy when the Prices go up so much?
How do you deal with pricing?


Dawn of LaTouchables hat gesagt…

If the costs of your materials go up, then so should the price of your products, to cover the costs. That's what I think, anyway :-) Great question, Michele, and important to think about these things.

WolfeWoman hat gesagt…

I would promote gold and silver jewelry as an investment that you can wear! Rather than try to keep your prices low, let them rise and reach for a more luxury quality market.
lee/ OneClayBead

WolfeWoman hat gesagt…

When materials go up, your work becomes even more appealing to the luxury buyer. Just make sure that your best design goes into each piece and promote them for the investment in gold and silver. My suggestions :)