Montag, 5. März 2012

Bag adiction campomaggi

I am sure some of you already know about my Bag adiction. So I like to share a impressive line I discovered,

Campomaggi line was born in 1980, from the fashion designer Marco Campomaggi (born on 25/02/1961 in Teodorano), influenced by his sculptor father's creativity.Since his teen years he shows a very good manual skill that, matched with his aesthetic sense and his strongly concrete spirit, led to his early works.
During the high-school years he manually manufactured almost for fun, his first models of bags, using saddle leather and metal studds, selling them on the seaside sidewalks and to his school mates.
Then, manufacturing bags became his job.

I adore this Bags and each one is handmade and unique. Save my pennys and maybe one Day I get one and I am sure it will be one for a life time :)
Do you share my passion for Bags?
Or do you love Shoes more, or both?
Do you have a favorite brand?


paula hat gesagt…

i didnt know your passion...but i can understand you better now :) i dont like bags because i dont like having another thing to worry about but i do see why you like these...i think etsy has made me appreciate bags too, there is an artistry to them that i would not have noticed before. i hope you get your bag :)

LillyLavande hat gesagt…

Meine Liebe - Taschen (mit "Meine Liebe" meine ich Dich) die Taschen die Du da vorstellst sind wirklich wunderschön! Ich hätte auch gerne die Eine....
Drück Di Love Judith