Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

Huge Event Fair!

I am at this cool Event with my Jewelry!
So if you are around Basel at 15. Mai please come and visit me!

You may find this there:)
Faceted elongated Carnelian Drops!

wire wrapped with 14k gold filled wire!

I just listed them New in my Shop!


Kreativlink hat gesagt…

Beautiful! Fingers crossed for much success at the fair! :)

gr8jewellery hat gesagt…

Good luck with the fair Michele!! I look forward to seeing lots of photos! :)

kulta-kulta hat gesagt…

Lovely earrings! Good luck at the fair! ;)

LeelaBijou hat gesagt…

Gorgeous earrings! Best luck with the fair! :)

zsazsazsu hat gesagt…

Warm color ! Beautiful ! Good luck with a lot of sales to stylish swiss ladies ;-)