Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

1 Year Etsyversary Giveaway!

I am celebrating my 1 Year Etsyversary with
my first beautiful Giveaway!

Faceted green Amethyst Sterling Silver Pendant!

That was a fantastic Year for me,
with ups and downs,
meeting new Friends and the most importend,
I could learn soooo much!!!

With this wonderful Giveaway,
I like to thank you for all your support and
for letting me grow!

Please leave a comment letting me know which of my Items you like Best and what are you missing, what would you like to find more.
Do not forget to leave your email so I can get in touch with you:)
Giveaway ends  2. June!!!


Kreativlink hat gesagt…

Yay! Congrats to your Etsyversary!!!
I'm so not the jewelry person so just let me wish you even more success for the next year. You deserve it! :)

Renathe Schneider hat gesagt…

Hi,you have so many beautiful's not easy to choose one but I like this one very much :)

What's missing hmmmm,rings maybee ;)

Love your work.

BHB Kidstyle hat gesagt…

Congratulations Stein!!!!!!!!!! - and happy birthday! :)

This is my favorite:

And for what you could have more in your shop... difficult...Perhaps more earring/bracelet/necklace combination. So people could get a set if they wanted to. Just a thought... Some people like that.

Helmitarha hat gesagt…

Congratulations on your first year anniversary! I would like to wish you many great customers and creative ideas in your next Etsy year!
What a beautiful giveaway pendant! Everyone would be lucky to have such a nice piece of jewelry!
In your store you have a lot of gorgeous items. I like all your elongated drop earrings, but blue ones are my favourites.
And as I'm a brooch addict, maybe it would be nice to see some unique stone brooch in your store as well.



zsazsazsu hat gesagt…

Congrats on you etsyversary ! My favorite is :
this because of they are not alike, very natural. In nature never ever is anything a perfect copy of something else.

Pls show some more how you work !

ira hat gesagt…

Happy Etsyversary michele! I wish the best for your etsy shop:) And I love all your jewellery Michele, I don't where you got your stones but they all beautiful!

Sabine, La Marquise des anges hat gesagt…

CONGRATULATIONS !!! my sweet Michele. **happy dance ** for you.

very hard to choose one fav, but I really love these earrings :
they would be perfect to pair my blue eyes :) :)

your shop is perfect as it is .. may be more bracelets ...



Monica hat gesagt…

How fun..congrats on 1 year on Etsy!!

I love the faceted aquamarine necklace!

I'm having a hard time coming up with what you could have a good number of bracelets, earrings and necklaces and you use a wonderful variety of colors and styles. I think your shop looks fantastic as it is :)

Thongbai Tatong hat gesagt…

Dearest Michele,
Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway. I would like to win it very much!! Please please let me win;)

There are so many items in your collection I like firstly because of the beautiful designs and secondly because I could wear them myself. But what I like most is this pair of pink quartz earrings:

Pink is too girly for me but because of its darker-colored silver it would go well with my black hair')

Your photos are always perfect. I like the way you experiment with different shapes and materials. Maybe you could also try something floral. Tiny silver flower hanging somewhere? Or use flowers made of other materials such as textile, leather, glass beads, etc. to give a floral touch to your piece.

And please let me win this giveaway!


Sofia-Sobeide hat gesagt…

Congrats on your anniversary!
I'm in love with these:

Love the shape and color of them!

Maybe other kinds of bracelets?

SoleDeVita hat gesagt…

Oh! One year anniversary!! It is a long way for me till I get my 1 year celebration!
Congratulations Stein-Schmuck! :))
My favorite item? This is hard.. They ALL are amazing! Maybe this:
I wish you all the best in your future Life and Sales!

Mami Made It hat gesagt…

Hi Michelle!
Congrats to your etsyversary! Your shop is full of beautiful pieces but I like this one very much

Best wishes for your 2nd year!

Convo via Etsy

ana carina hat gesagt…

My favorite design of yours is the labradorite earrings, because that's my favorite stone :)

I'd love to see brooches too, I'm also a brooch addict!

thank you for this sweetie!
nanoukedesigns (at)

Kaja hat gesagt…

Happy Etsyversary! Time just flies by, right??

Lots of love, and wishes for many sales!

Star of the East hat gesagt…

All your earrings are gorgeous, I esp. love the luxurious simple ones like these:

I would suggest some rings,with gemstones :)

Michelle hat gesagt…

Thanks so much for your participating!!!!

This is very Helpful for me,
with your fantastic Ideas:
more Bracelets, different Style, that is always a question with sizing:) Thats why I start to do my elastic Ribbon ones:)
Brooch, that is great, I will really think about it!
Flowers, oh yes, Bai, Flowers are missing:)

Dina Fragola hat gesagt…

Happy etsyversary ^_^
I love your moonstone earrings!
And maybe you could have rings...

Aldona hat gesagt…

Yayyyyy Michelle,happy Etsyversary to you!!!

I am big fan for all of your works! They are unique and very original,not too much detais and I so much love this style. My favorite is this gorgeous pendant And here is 2 reasons why I love it:
1.I adore labradorite!
2. It is stunning design!!!!!!!!

I love elastic Ribbon Bracelets it fits many sizes,great!

I miss in your shop stud earrings,I think you could create something in that way.

Best wishes to you in your business!

XOXO Aldona

Nauli hat gesagt…

Congratulations for your first year on Etsy! We believe that you learned a lot, like we do... You have amazing good photos and a very inviting shop! And you are a great team friend as well!

We like the Aragonite Bracelet most, although it's not easy to decide... It's more a decision for summer and everyday use...
For that reason maybe more bracelets?

I bijoux dello Stregatto hat gesagt…

Happy Etsyversary!!!
It's so hard to choose only one jewel from your shop!! I love everything!!!
These earrings are wonderful:

There is nothing that you have to change in your shop: it's wonderful!
I hope to be the lucky one!!!

MGMart hat gesagt…

Congratulation on your 1st year on Etsy :) I wish you many more to come!
I love everything you make especially this earrings


Vilt à la Kim hat gesagt…

congrats Michelle!! The first year is always full with new texperiences, I hope many pleasant will follow!!

I love this one:
and what I miss in your shop would be earstuds and rings. Although I normally don't buy jewelry myself....

thanks for organising this give-away!!

Gogo Korogiannou hat gesagt…

Congratulations!! :)
Your shop is already one of my favs..I think my favorite jewelery is this one: beautiful!
I d love to see some rings also :)

SewnNatural hat gesagt…

Congratulations to you!!!

You have a beautiful shop. I love everything you make. Right now, I'm into pendants, and the fluroite and carnelian ones are absolutely delightful.

Thanks for offering such a beautiful giveaway!

Lucie hat gesagt…

Wow! Congratulations Michelle for this first year etsy anniversary!
Your shop is great! It's hard to choose...though the rock crystal earrings are my favorites ;D

I don't know what would be missing in your shop...Perhaps some matching set?
I wish you a happy anniversary again!

*Evelyn* hat gesagt…

Congrats !!
I love Rock Crystal gold Earrings handmade beautiful!!
I'd love to see some rings also

Morrgan hat gesagt…

Congrats! Here's to many more. :)

Your moonstone earrings are beautiful, but as I don't wear earrings, I'd love to see them in a necklace or bracelet.

anapina hat gesagt…

Hooray!! Congratulations :)

You have a beautiful shop! Your pendants are my favorite and I'd love to see some more in hot colors, such as orange, red and yellow.
Love this color:

And the way you mix silver in this one:

I also like your necklaces with big centered stones, like this one:

Well... and I hope to be lucky!


davir hat gesagt…

Congrats! :))
Your shop is so lovely and beautiful! Hardly can I tell you which item is my favourite.
Maybe the Faceted Obsidian Sterling Silver Tassel Pendant or Faceted Garnet Tassel Sterling Silver Necklace. They are so beautiful! I like your style very much and wish you the best. :-)

paula hat gesagt…

i LOVE this
congrats on a year michele, i'm so glad i got to know you through etsy, you are a sweetheart with charm, personality, humor and deep souled heart. best to you xoxo
ps i just now blogged about this for you on our team blog :)

Margosoriginals hat gesagt…

Thanks for the chance to win! This pendant is actually a tie with the citrine one (since citrine is my birthstone). I'd love to have it, hope I win!

Move With Me hat gesagt…

Congrats Michelle, I think your jewellery is unique and so divine,

So hard to choose a favourite, but i think i like the flourite on silk pendant.

What is missing, maybe bracelets? And with pendants i personally love big pieces esp with natural semi precious stones...

I really do like that you offer earrings with the french backing ( the ones that you can lose) they are the only ones I can buy or i lose them. So i hope you do more of those, ill be back to check ;)

BEst of luck


Design By Raven Muse hat gesagt…

Oh I'll go for it...I never win, but what the heck.
Favorite Item, aside from more cash..
What do you need more of? I cannot think of a thing. You have a nice balance as is. The only thing I could think of is a bit more silver options since I do not wear gold. Many stones I would have snagged up if in silver. But just a small thing.

Lovely store and congrats on your one year anniversary!!!

donauluft hat gesagt…

Happy etsyversary Michelle! ..of course I must take part too!
It´s hard to pick up just one piece, there are too many I love. But ok, it has to be, so : ....
All the best and a successful next etsy year, Viktoria

Allisa Jacobs hat gesagt…

I love the aragonite bracelet & would love to see more bracelets!

congrats on your etsyversary! wishes for continued success :)

ArtMind hat gesagt…

Big congrats on this milestone, Michelle! Here's (raises glass) to many many more! :)

b*lota hat gesagt…

Happy Etsyversary!!
I love your jewelry, your pendant earrings in particul! My favorite item:
I also love big rings! Maybe you could add some to your collection?
Here's to another successful year!!

Rita alias alatvian hat gesagt…

Happy Etsyversary, dear Michele!

I love all your creations and the style of your pictures. Your stones are marvelous! But if I have to choose one, my fave would be this pair of earrings

Big success for all the years coming!

ingermaaike hat gesagt…

A very happy etsyversary and many,many happy returns!
Loads of kisses and squeezy hugs XXXXXXXXXXXXXInger

You want me to pick just one favorite?? That is a hard challenge you set!

cri-cri hat gesagt…

I like the chalcedone drops and the rainbow fluorite...but there are much othet itmes that I like in your shop... I wish I winning the lotto and than ;-) ....

momma rae hat gesagt…

congratulations!! i love your citrine pendant and your shop is beautiful. thanks for this opportunity. ;)

lumina hat gesagt…

Congrats for your etsyversary!
I love your pieces with faceted gems the most, and your wood pendant necklaces are really unique. Maybe you could make some bracelets with not just the gems but with some silver bead caps and spacer beads, in the same style as your pendats and your earrings.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Happy Anniversary Michele!
My fav item in your shop is

I would love to see post earrings in your stunning designs!

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