Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

Blue and wonderful!

I just love those elongated Drops!

Elongated faceted blue Chalcedony drops!

14k gold filled!

Fit perfect to Jeans!

But you can also wear them at your cool Night out!

Simple adorable!

To be found in my Shop!


X by Leina Neima hat gesagt…

:=) So intensely beuatiful color!

Dawn of LaTouchables hat gesagt…

Oh I love this color--and it's so elegant, slender, striking!

zafraniversum hat gesagt…

After our much talking about the difficulties of taking brilliant photos, I took a closer look at your images. I must say they are absolutely front page worthy. All of them.

LeelaBijou hat gesagt…

how gorgeous!!

Teri and Amber hat gesagt…

Gorgeous Simplicity! Perfect for a LBD.

Angel.Pearls hat gesagt…

Just adorable! Eva

Design By Raven Muse hat gesagt…

What a beautiful color! I have become so partial to blues past few years too. I always need long earrings that will stand out from my long black hair. Wow, so pretty.
I wish I could get those, I am just maxed out right now. But I need to come visit more often I see. :)

Lovely, just lovely...

Laura Trevey hat gesagt…

Gorgeous color!!

Thanks for the follow on BB&B ~~