Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

I am in a listing mood :)

I really am :)

I was working on Earrings this Day`s,
like on this Amethyst 14k gold filled Pair.

I made a few Chain Earrings in different styles,
just because they dangle so sexy :)

I also created new Ear wires,
I love that work,
love to find new Way`s,
love to work with my hammer :)
I mean Ear wires are Ear wires and I can`t create them totally new, but to play a bit and not letting me get bored, inspires me!

This Ruby`s are stunning! I notice on Etsy allot of People say my Jewelry is elegant,
I can`t see that so much, I wear my Jewelry and can`t really say my style is elegant. But I do see the point that you could wear some of my Pieces combined very elegant :)

What is your style?
Do you have one?
Do you care about style?
Or do you say, oh I don`t bother?

1 Kommentar:

Diana Mieczan hat gesagt…

They are all beautiful and the last pair would look amazing with a flowy summer dress. Have a great night. Kisses