Montag, 18. Januar 2010

New EST Challenge: Make something you never did before!

Every Week we start a New Challenge from the Etsy European Street Team. The Winner picks the New Theme for the Week. Last Winner is the fantastic Artist from

She did choose the great new Theme for this Week Challenge,
Make something you never did before!

My Entry is this magical Stick

I did never did this before, so I could call it a Test Phase:)

This Gemstone is a beautiful sparkling Peridot

To try something new was so much fun, so maybe you will find them soon in my Shop:)

if you fancy to see all the fantastic Entries from other wonderful Artists that did try something new,
you find them all here,


Kreativlink hat gesagt…

Wohooo!! I like that very much. A magic stick! How cool!! :D

Thanks a lot for participating, it's a perfect entry!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Original! :) Love it!
Already a heart stealer. xxx

Star of the East hat gesagt…

wow awesome and magical :)

Martice hat gesagt…

How special :)) I think it will work :) you can post it on flickr on harry potter groups and so :)

Dawn of LaTouchables hat gesagt…

I love your magic wand--it's beautiful and unique!

ingermaaike hat gesagt…

That is just so very original,cool and beautiful as well!

Vilt à la Kim hat gesagt…

wouw super!!

AMIdesigns hat gesagt…

That looks amazing!

LeelaBijou hat gesagt…


glazedOver hat gesagt…

Well done and so clever, Michele!