Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2010

NEW light weight Line!

I was asked so many Times, if I have some light weight Earrings. So I started to create  this special  New light weight Line.

I Love the rawness of the oxidized Sterling Silver,
combined with the Perfect Beauty of the Gemstones.

The darkness of the oxidized Sterling Silver,
let the Gems pop out so Beautiful!

There are many more to come
and you will find them in here
my Etsyshop!


Dawn of LaTouchables hat gesagt…

So gorgeous and so fun--I love your new light-weight earrings!

DeerLola hat gesagt…

They all look fabulous Michelle... I'm sure these will be a hit !

Star of the East hat gesagt…

<They are super pretty!

BlueTerracotta hat gesagt…

Light weight earrings are a great idea! Yours are so pretty!

evihan hat gesagt…

All they aree lovely piecesss:-)

ingermaaike hat gesagt…

These are so very tempting!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Indeed they look light weight, and very very lovely!

Mami Made It hat gesagt…

They are so beautiful!

Danielle Combs hat gesagt…

Those are just the type of earrings that I make for myself...simple and pretty.

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