Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2010

NEW Necklace design!

This Morning I created this new braided Leather Necklace. I love braided Leather. Again we have this combination of something wild with the pure Beauty of a Gemstone.  It is not my first braided Leather design. If been working with it since a while, but with this new fantastic Gemstone,  it took me some Time to figure out how I want them to be together. If you do not know it yet, I like to share a secret;
I am a total perfectionist and if I do not come to the result that something I create really feels good, I just have to work on it until I get that feeling:)

So here it is

it is a beautiful Amethyst in a Diamand cut

and depending on how the light brakes it can get a pinkish color, amazing!

All Pieces on the Necklace are Sterling Silver

I will be listing it soon in my Shop!

And just to show you a other one that is coming,
a wonderful Pair with the all so Beautiful Garnet!


ingermaaike hat gesagt…

I too love that combination of leather and gemstone, very beautiful!

Kreativlink hat gesagt…

Ohhh! That necklace is gorgeous! And purple!! :)

Kuutydruk hat gesagt…

Das ist wuderbar! :) Really beautiful! If that's not perfec, I don't know what is :) Well done! :)

zsazsazsu hat gesagt…

Love this mix with delicate and rough materials. Keep on experimenting !

Pretty Little World hat gesagt…

Lovely designs!! I especially am fond of the amethyst -- it's my birthstone!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

i *love* the necklace, mich! x

Andy Tan hat gesagt…

leather and gem! what a nice mix! you make such beautiful pieces my dear. love it!


paula hat gesagt…

you have done an extraordinary job with that necklace. the actual 'band'or whatever it is called, is MARVELOUS!!!!!