Samstag, 9. Januar 2010

Wonderful Pendant

I am doing those Pendant Style since a wile already,
but as they sell so good and I was asked for more,
here are some more:)

I did try to show them in a different way with New Pics.

This one is with a wonderful Carnelian and a large Sterling Silver Tassel

And this one is with a Beautiful Obsidian and a Sterling Silver Tassel with cute Onyx on the End

More to come in my Shop



Star of the East hat gesagt…

Gorgeous pendants!

Rita alias alatvian hat gesagt…


Vilt à la Kim hat gesagt…

really beautyfull!

Mami Made It hat gesagt…

Wunderschön! Ich freu mich schon auf meine Ohrringe! Danke, dass du durch den Schnee zur Post gestapft bist.

Elisa hat gesagt…

Hi! I found you on Etsy, searching for artists in Switzerland. Your jewelry is lovely!