Donnerstag, 16. September 2010

Design Market this Weekend!

I`ll be here this Weekend,
so if you are around Basel,
come and visite me!

From 17. septembre - 19. september I will keep my Etsy Shop close!
You can meet me at the Design Market in Dreispitz Basel.
Reopen 20. septembre

Oh and btw, I have a NEW  tumblr side,
do you have one?


baahar hat gesagt…

I hope you will have a fabulous time at the fair my friend :)

Diana Mieczan hat gesagt…

Have a wonderful time on the fair and I would love to join...but I leave way too far!
I am going to check out your tumblr site right now:)

Kisses and happy Thursday, my dear

Mami Made It hat gesagt…

Have fun!
This is my tumblr

paula hat gesagt…

have a great time and hope everything sells ;)
and yes, i have a tumblr site:
but you already know that ;)

Yael hat gesagt…

I WISH I would be around Basel Michelle! And I wish you pleasure and fun!
Hugs, Yael.