Dienstag, 7. September 2010

Last Day of Summer...

Autumn is here and
I enjoyed that last Day of Summer in the Garden!
Fancy to come on a small tour with me?

with preparing...

for some oxidation of some Jewelry Pieces.

My Son loves colors, so he is mixing his own ones :)

Hope our Tomatoes still get red...

Fire place!

My beloved Fish pond!

and here the Cat`s sneak out the Garden :)

How did you spend your last Day of Summer?
Or you still have the luck to enjoy Summer?


Diana Mieczan hat gesagt…

Summer is over here too...Its been cooler for the last week or so...I love your garden...The fish pond is adorable and your red door is so cute:)..Wish you a wonderful and sunny day,my dear:)

paula hat gesagt…

this was a treat to see michele. so beautiful and green! last days of summer...we have 2 weeks left and i'm thinking its all the same other than sun setting earlier. still hot and bright for weeks to come :)

Yael hat gesagt…

MICHELLE!!! Thank you for inviting me to visit you! That was so lovely, I enjoyed your garden and I will come again!!!
Hugs, Yael.
THAT red door!!!! WOW!

zsazsazsu hat gesagt…

I would love to use your fire place for a nostalgic moment :
ein Cervalat mit Spek und Käse - hold this above the fire and think of my childhood in the Swiss alps during summerbbq !

donauluft hat gesagt…

What a lovely garden you have!
..I hope for some sunny autumn days to come, because the summer had too much rain this year!

Cat hat gesagt…

I love the cat's sneak!!

Morrgan hat gesagt…

Lovely photos! We're also wondering if we'll have more tomatoes this year - lots of green ones at the moment, but it is getting awfully chilly at nights now. Let's hope we both get some!