Freitag, 3. September 2010


I listed NEW Earrings in my Shop!

AAA Rock Crystal Sterling Silver Earrings!

Rainbow Calcite Sterling Earrings

rare Lepidocrosite Sterling Earrings!

Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Earrings!

Labradorite Sterling Earrings!

Labradorite 14k gold filled Earrings!

Which Pair is your favorite?
I love them all :D


paula hat gesagt…

i like the rainbow calcite because it reminds me of the desert...and i like Lepidocrosite Sterling Earrings because they are so feminine!

Diana Mieczan hat gesagt…

They are all so beautiful and sweet...I am crazy about the rainbow moonstone sterling pair as it has a stunning blue touch:)
Kisses,my dear...Wish you a sunny Friday afternoon and relaxing weekend:)

zsazsazsu hat gesagt…

The rainbow calcite are awesome ! Never saw this stone before !
Beautiful collection !

Dawn of LaTouchables hat gesagt…

I love the rainbow calcite ones, but the labradorites are gorgeous too! The stone, labradorite, is even better in person. I love the way it glows when you turn it!

Waterrose hat gesagt…

Well I was going to tell you which one I liked best, but as I scrolled down I kept saying...oh, I like that one too....

donauluft hat gesagt…

I love the cut on these! really I cannot say which I like best ! all are so beautiful!

SoleDeVita hat gesagt…

WOWWW! I Want them ALL!
My Favorite?
Rainbow Moonstone! <---- AWESOME!! :)

Melissa hat gesagt…

They're all so very gorgeous!

Mami Made It hat gesagt…

Never seen this rainbow calcite! But the earrings on the first photo are my favs!

Diana Mieczan hat gesagt…

My dear...Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I feature you weekly...Always on Fridays:)
Kisses and have a wonderful Monday:)