Donnerstag, 2. September 2010

GIVEAWAY Time! It is my Birthday :)

It is my Birthday! That brings me to Giveaway Time :)

Beautiful faceted Prehnite elastic ribbon Bracelet !

You will get one of this cool Bracelet !
If you like to participate,
please visit my Shop, choose one Piece you like the best and
describe the it in your own Words.
No sizing and so on, just the Jewelry it self and
comment it here.

Why I am doing this?
I need your Help!
As you all notice my English is limited and I try to find new Way`s how I can describe my Jewelry.
Yes, I know this is some work for you,
but who know`s, maybe you are the lucky Winner!
I will choose the best description  22. september
So be creative :)


Kreativlink hat gesagt…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie!! Lot's of chocolate cake and other yummy stuff for you! :D

Star of the East hat gesagt…

Happy birthday, Michele!!

Rock Crystal Tulip Flower gold Earrings

It had just rained, when a warm sun broke through and lighted the earth and nature. Some gorgeous flowers still had drops of rain hanging beneath them, and while the sun and flowers started to work, those drops became amazing pieces of crystal to keep the flowers company...

Sofia-Sobeide hat gesagt…

"These earrings are a perfect addition to any party outfit. They will also give you that extra for your casual look.

The earrings are made of bright royal blue AAA Lapis lazuli briolettes. The beads are combined with high quality hammered gold vermeil (24K). Vermeil is 24K gold plated sterling silver wire."

That is my description of the beautiful cobalt blue earrings :)

Morrgan hat gesagt…

Yay, happy birthday!

Faceted Garnet Sterling Silver Tassel Pendant - This pendant looks as beautiful as a bouquet of deep red roses. :)

ingermaaike hat gesagt…

One drop of crystallised wild raspberry juice for each ear, beautifully hung from from an oxidised silver ear wire. The dark oxidised silver beautifully offsetting the delicate shade of pink. Elegance and toughness combined to perfection.

HappyHappy birthday to you!

Lucie hat gesagt…

Joyeux anniversaire! Happy birthday Michelle!!!! I wish you all that you want!
About the description...great challenge for me too, I'm gonna have a try though :D

"She was turning her back to him, obviously trying to conceal her emotions. He could admire her tensed figure, her black silky hair so dense it seems to have a life of its own. The light coming from the window was playing on her delicate skin. He could see the white satin of her right cheek and a flashing red sparkle of her earring through a curl of hair. He became suddenly captivated by this red sparkling dangling slightly and revealing that she was trembling. He knew then that his passionate love was shared"

thejoyofcolor hat gesagt…

Just poped in to say happy birthday ,I don't think my english is better then yours.
But it's a great idea

Diana Mieczan hat gesagt…

yay! Its your Bday...Happy Birthday, my dear. Have a wonderful day, eat lots of cake and dont forget to make a wish:)

I adore the Smooth Charoite elastic Ribbon Bracelet...

I would: The Smooth Charoite Bracelet is perfect bohemian accessory to dress up a casual everyday outift as well as add a little sparkle to a little black dress for the evening:)

Have a fantastic day, my dear:)

paula hat gesagt…

michele, happy birthday!!!!
and since i live in america and it is too expensive to ship here i think, i will still participate but would not want you to spend the $$ if i were to 'win'.
braided leather sterling bracelet

Renowned for its highly developed arts, including dance, sculpture, painting, leather, metalworking, and music Bali is a mystical and enchanting land.

This leather braided bracelet with a Bali Sterling Silver Clasp is inspired by the beautiful culture and people in Indonesia. The fine detail in the sterling silver next to the braided leather makes for a classy duo that is perfect for day or evening wear.

(I have no idea if you were inspired by Indonesia but what the heck)

Waterrose hat gesagt…

Have a Happy Birthday!

I love all of your pieces, but I find this one beautiful and unusual

Looking for something unusual to wear with your favorite jeans and sweater this fall? This is it! A deep, dark blue that sparkles and comes to life as light strikes the Fluorite. Diamond cut and a detailed oxidized Sterling Silver Bali piece.

This is the perfect piece for all of your upcoming autumn outfits. Just hang from your favorite chain for a one of a kind accessory!

Michelle hat gesagt…

you are all amazing,
wish I had your Words in mind!!!
This will get a hard one for me to choose :)

zsazsazsu hat gesagt…

Hurraahhh for all Virgins (me too I am a V.) !
I think your good pics say more than words.

LoveandDream hat gesagt…

Happy birthay Michelle! xo

Annette F Tait hat gesagt…

Happy Birthday Michelle!! hope you have a delicious cake :)

Rich golden whisky coloured citrines sparkle invitingly below generous thick hammered bands of sterling silver.
These warm briolettes will compliment many colours and you are sure to turn heads when wearing them.
Wear with a smile :)

Yael hat gesagt…

Wow, so many really nice descriptions of your jewelery - even some lovely stories! It looks to me that it will be not easy for you to choose!
Happy Birthday dear Michelle - Yom huledet sameach! we say here! I wish you all the best, foremost good health and then everything that makes you happy and your life good!! Here, take a hug from me!!! Yael.

Thongbai Tatong hat gesagt…

((((( Happy Birthday, Michele ))))

Wishing you a lot of happiness and good health.

Best wishes,

PS:I will write about your products later.

donauluft hat gesagt…

Happy birthday Michele! I´m late, cause I was off yesterday! but better late than never!
( It´s the same with me with english!)

X by Leina Neima hat gesagt…

Happy birthday!!!!

And lot of creative vibes to you!

Kuutydruk hat gesagt…

Happy birthday Michele! :) I wish you a beautiful year and lots of inspiration for your work! :)

we3 hat gesagt…

Many happy returns and thank you for offering us the opportunity! Jay at Http://

Mami Made It hat gesagt…

Happy Birthday!
Have a nice day!

Paul & Paula hat gesagt…

So... my turn!
Congratulations were sent and I guess you know my favourite...:)

Elongated Turquoise Drop, 14k gold filled Earrings

Wear them together with your favourite pair of jeans during the day and turn heads with a little black dress in the evening!
These georgous earrings are the must-have-all-seasons-accessoire!
Turquoise will make you look stunning.
Just the "little extra" you need to stand out...


fairycreations hat gesagt…

hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiirttttthhhhhdaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!
Faceted Pyrite oxidized Sterling Silver Earrings

Pyrite is well known as fool's gold.
Well, i prefer to be a fool and take those earrings instead of spend a lot of dollars to a real ones:)
I love the "changing color effect"!
it suits with all clothes and colors! it will be a must accessory for your going outs:)