Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

Say Hello to our new Family members :)

They are really tooooo cute!
My lovely Cat Lee gave birth to 4 beautiful Kittens!

but lets start at the beginning :)

Just after birth, wet and very tiered.
I was there and totally touched about magic of Life and that my loving Lee did all by her self!

Is`ent she beautiful?
Tiered and still so proud! 

So what do they do the hole Day?
drinking...... and


With Mama always having a Eye on them :)

But sometimes Mama needs a rest to..... :)

They still have there Eyes close but I guess they will open them soon. That will be the Time we will give them some Names.
I already love them all!!!!
Do you like / have Cats?


Yael hat gesagt…

I am overflowing with joy and excitement to see those gorgeous photos!!
I am searching for words - this is something I experienced twice by myself with beloved cats, and I know what you feel - this is life itself, it makes you go into a quiet and humble mood, it makes you thankful to be part of something so wonderful, it makes you feel love at its core!
I know you will take such good care of those lovelies and I am waiting to learn their names - please let us be part of their growing up with pictures from time to time and stories about their doings!
Hugs to you and to Lee!

zsazsazsu hat gesagt…

I am melting away seeing these cuties ! Enjoy them as much as you can as they grow tooooo quickly.
I have 3 cats myself too !

Lucie hat gesagt…

Oh my! They're so cute! I'm a cat lady, she's had kittens once but it was a long time ago, before I met her. I'm so fond of kittens, I could spend the day watching them, do you still manage to work Michelle? :)

Dawn of LaTouchables hat gesagt…

Michele, this post puts a big smile on my face--thank you!

Kreativlink hat gesagt…

Awwww.... I'm all envy here! :D Such gorgeous kittens, so weet. Awww... :)

Yael hat gesagt…

BTW, I just saw the link with little Lee as a the cutest baby kitten - now she is grown and has a litter - isn't that so wonderful!!!

Put the link in your post Michele, for all to see!

Heartshapedcreations hat gesagt…

Just screaming from cuteness!!! I'm so happy that everything went perfectly fine with the birth of these little fluffy sweeties and your mom cat. I can't stop smiling looking at these photos. Thank you for sharing such wonderful moments Michele!

Renathe Schneider hat gesagt…

So cuuuute!

Dina Fragola hat gesagt…

Ooooooh I am jealous! Kittens...I need kittens...I love kittens. Thank you for sharing :)

Annemiek - TwoTreesBelgium hat gesagt…

oh, they are so cute. If we did not have 4 cats already I would not mind adopting them in a few weeks time.

Mysterious Cats hat gesagt…

They are sooo cute! It has been a long time since I had kittens at home and I miss that a lot.
Well, I can say I have a very big kitten called Tommy. He is nearly 10 but such a baby ;)
Enjoy your little ones, they grow so fast...

PeculiarForest hat gesagt…

So cute! Are you going to keep the babies too? x