Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Why do Women in the Art make less then Men?

Lee from OneClayBead wrote a interesting article,
that I just had to make a link to,


Here in Switzerland, no matter what business,
Women still earn less for the same work then Men.
How is it in your Country,
or what do you think about all this?


WolfeWoman hat gesagt…

It's a complex and upsetting issue. In the US, it has gotten better. Women now earn 80% of what men do. In 1779, women earned only 62% of male salaries. I think that we are setting our own bar lower as women. We need to value our own contributions and have confidence to ask for what we are worth.
Lee/ OneClayBead

Olivia hat gesagt…

It's still the same in England, but we are catching them up, at quite a rapid rate thank god! x